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Bar tour

Looking for a place to party in style? Do you prefer clubbing in a nightclub or cocktail bar as opposed to a sweaty disco? Are you looking for a cocktail lounge, sipping a smooth mojito, with a dash of lively conversations? Then we have the perfect night out for you with bar crawl!

Beer tour

Interested in beer and would like to see what budapest can offer? In this case you are in luck! We organize what is essentially a beer tasting event in budapest, where we go to as many pubs as we can, and have a glass of of the best brews europe has to offer!

Night Club Tour

If you are interested in nightclubs and enjoy a good striptease, combined with a pub crawl before just give us a shout so we can show you why budapest is famous for its great nightclub culture. This is a private tour, it is by request only. Please make sure to book it in advance!

Meet our tour guides


Hanna is the most experienced guide of our team. We could say she was born in it, molded by it! She is a talented problem solver, always finds a great solution. Hanna was even approached by some of our competitors, but finally chose Budapest pub crawl making us quite proud to have her on board.


She is a true "downtown girl", knows every single bartender and recepcionists. Watch out for her cheeky smile, she might make you drink a couple more than you expected. She also has a great deal of experience in tourism, worked for the best hostels, free tours and tourism companies of Budapest.


Iza loves traveling and meeting new people from all around the world, getting to know different cultures. Her passions are languages and sports. Iza is loved for her easy going personality as everyone loves to chat with her. She is dedicated to one thing only: making sure everyone has a good time on her watch!


Zsombor is a real ruin bar crawler of Budapest.
He knows all about the pubs and bars in budapest, oftentimes surprising even the most knowledgable locals too! When you go on a crawl with Zsombor, expect to be wowed by his vast knowledge on hungarian beer. He is our expert on the matter!

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