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About Budapest Pub Crawl

We are a fresh and energetic pub crawl organizer company with the best local guides, well not even guides but friendly entertainers! our mission is to show you an original insider night in Budapest with the most awesome ruin pubs. Don't miss out on the craziest pub crawl Budapes has to offer! And of course, while showing you around, with crazy bar games we build a young and cool atmoshpere among the crawlers. This way at the end of the night you won't be richer only with tasty shots, but with some friends as well!


Join a Pub Crawl with 10.000 people from around the world

This was the best night of our entire stay in Budapest! Definitely recommend!
Veronika - Uruguay

Join amazing people from all around the world every night on our pub crawl! You will have the chance to meet like-minded travelers and backpackers. Crawl with the coolest bunch in Budapest!

~ What You Get ~


Full Open

Choose unlimited drinks during your pub crawl! Get it for only 15€.


Skip lines,
all VIP

We guarantee special treatment for every guest at every bar - no queues and no entry fees, this is how we crawl!



Get a free welcome spirit at the beginning of your tour - no true pubcrawl is complete without a few spirits to start it off!

Meet our pub crawl guides

Our pub tour team has the best local guides, and they will show you the best spots to party in Budapest and, besides that, they will guarantee you have lots of fun. A pub crawl is a way of getting to know people and bars in a city you’re not so familiar with, so our local guides can show you places only locals know about. It’s the best way to have fun; we plan a tour to the nicest pubs in the city, and you just relax, party and meet cool people, while listening to awesome music and having lots of drinks.

PubCrawl Guide Eszter ficak
PubCrawl Guide Hanna ficak
PubCrawl Guide Iza ficak
In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom. Good people drink good beer Meeting people is my passion Let's visit every hidden corner of Budapest!
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Public Pub Crawl

Public Pub Crawl

Private Pub Crawl

Private Pub Crawl

Unlimited Drinks

You can drink wine, beer, spirits (vodka, whiskey, gin) and five types of soft drinks (Coca Cola, Fanta, Kinley Tonic and Ginger, Sparkling Water) unlimited for 60 minutes.

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Get to know Budapest, get to know the real Hungarian drinks!

Real Hungarian alcoholic beverages are something you should look forward to sampling if you have travel plans to Hungary in the near future.


The night in Budapest that was the most exciting

On occasion, even the most exhausted individuals are able to find the strength to partake in activities such as winding down after a long day at work by unwinding with a few shots of whiskey or a frosty pint of beer while sitting outside on the patio of a pub during the warm months.


The history of pubs

Pubcrawls are probably the best thing that has ever happened to Budapest nightlife. Do you agree? We certainly do! Let’s play a game. We ask the question, and you have to answer. 


We do pub crawls and a lot more...

Bar tour

extra tour

Looking for a place to party in style? Do you prefer clubbing in a nightclub or cocktail bar as opposed to a sweaty disco? Are you looking for a cocktail lounge, sipping a smooth mojito, with a dash of lively conversations? Then we have the perfect night out for you with bar crawl!


Beer tour

beer tour

Interested in beer and would like to see what Budapest can offer? In this case you are in luck! We organize what is essentially a beer tasting event, where we go to as many pubs as we can, and have a glass of of the best brews europe has to offer!


Night Club Tour

night club

If you are interested in nightclubs and enjoy a good striptease, combined with a pub crawl through Budapest, just give us a shout so we can show you why Hungary is famous for its great nightclub culture. This is a private tour, it is by request only. Please make sure to book it in advance!


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