Pubcrawl Budapest


Meeting Point

How to get there?

Important! The Fogasház is just the meeting point for the pub crawl. The group leaves the place at 10.15 PM to the first spot. Do not be late! The bar is located at Akácfa street 49-51 in downtown Budapest and is one of the most popular places to hang out in the city. People from all around the world meet here, with Fogas also being host to regular music shows both by known artists and street musicians.

by tram

To get to your pubcrawl meeting point by tram, you can take bus line 4 or 6 and get off at the stop named Wesselényi Utca. Akácfa street is the second street on the right side of Wesselényi Street.

by metro

If you're coming by metro, you're in luck! You can take the Oktogon or Deák Ferenc Square stops and the meeting point is a few minutes walk from there.

Meet us here
at 21:00 every day

Still have questions?
Contact us!

+36 (70) 774 4338

Budapest 1073, Hungary,
Akácfa street 49-51

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