Pubcrawl Budapest


Why Budapest?

Why Budapest?

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide where to go or in which city we should spend our holiday.

We have made an ultimate guide for you to help in the decision-making process and make it easier for you to know what would be the best if you happen to hesitate over a destination.

Let’s see the biggest advantages of Budapest and the reasons why this is a go-to holiday place. Ruin bars, gorgeous history and outdoor spa magic. The very best things to do in Budapest, listed in 3 points.

Starting with the most exciting one, ruin pubs are famous in the city. There is a big variety of them and thankfully you won’t have to go there alone.

Every night we bring together travellers from all around the world to show them an insider’s insight to the crazy nightlife of Budapest. If you are looking for a party night in Budapest, make sure you join the right crew – and that’s us! Skip the touristy places and take an insider pub tour to the vibrant Budapest party scene! This will be a one of a lifetime experience!

A must-see place is the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, which is not so far from the party area, so if you feel like, you can easily access it the day after the pub crawls.

What is it exactly? Budapest’s buzzy Jewish Quarter (also known as the seventh district) is the city’s epicentre of cool, packed with all the edgiest bars, cafés and restaurants.

Why go? Your nights out will start and end here, but we recommend taking some hours of sleep before starting exploring. Many famous places, restaurants, bars and art will wait for you here. The Jewish Quarter also boasts many of the city’s best food spots. Try out popular Hungarian specialities, lángos, kürtöskalács or some local brewery’s beers from tap.

Last but not least, after experiencing the nightlife, good local food and drinks and every corner of the Jewish Corner, it is time to go for some sightseeing.

You may ask, what do we recommend, Buda or Pest? But since we have spent the whole day and the night before in Pest, let’s stay here for a few more hours and experience the beautiful sight over here.

The Great Market Hall is something that you cannot miss! The Great Market Hall is a restored neo-Gothic tunnel where you can pick up the best local produce and handicrafts. You can find homemade, bio and organic sausages, cheese, different fruits and vegetables from local farms. Hungarian spices and Erős Pista, which is one of the most famous add-on ingredient in Hungary. The list could go on and on, go there and see it for yourself.

Not only for the food, but also for the superb architecture and a total sensory overload it is worth a visit. If you want to source some one-of-a-kind souvenirs and sample unfamiliar Hungarian delicacies. From pickles and fresh veg to meat, seafood and more, we’re feeling hungry just thinking about it!

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