Pubcrawl Budapest


Top Pubcrawl Destinations

Top Pubcrawl Destinations

When you travel to Budapest, the one thing you must do is to participate in at least one pub crawl tour. Pub crawling is when you get to be a part of a group and explore the pubs around the town for the entire night. You will be meeting up at a certain meeting point - most likely a bar - and then you will go from there.

Among the many pub crawl organizers in Budapest, Pub Crawl Budapest is one of the more famous ones. But a crawl is only as good as the city (and party district) they work with, and the same applies to our firends over at Krakow! The Krakow Crawl people know how to rock your pub crawlin world with great deals, and a unique insight into the rich party scene of this wonderful Polish city!

Pub Crawl Budapest has several pubs to recommend for you, if you are looking for one place to hang with your pals and chat with them in a nice environment with good drinks. Though no matter what, you must always stay safe and aware, because you are in a foreign location after all.

The same goes for Krakow, a fantastic city that has a lot to offer to all visitiors. By day, make sure you check out the Wawel Castle, the St. Mary’s Basilica, or even take a short trip to the Wieliczka salt mines. By night? Strap on your party helmet and be prepared to have the time of your life! We here at Pub Crawl Budapest know a good party when we see one, and Krakow Crawl is definitely on point with their drinking game!

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