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The Different Kind of Beer Mugs and Why They Matter

The Different Kind of Beer Mugs and Why They Matter


Drinking beer is not just about emptying your glass. It is an art, and has the necessary equipment to make it perfect. A beer glass really matters. When visiting a pub in a Budapest bar tour, make sure to match your beer with your drink! It does matter how you get your wheat beer! Read our guide to figure out more!

Just like wine tasting, beers have characteristics that you need to know. These flavors influence the serving of the beer. As a starter, if you decide to get a pilsner beer, you will get a tall and slim mug. The tall glass lets you see all the carbonated bubbles rising to the surface and the sleek top keeps the foam afloat to form a perfect topping. Probably this is the most common and often presented mug.

Another classic type is the so-called stein mug. A true German creation used to serve beer during the past centuries. The mug is a special piece in this collection, German beerhouses use it mostly, it is more like a historic piece. It is made from wood, stone or silver with a little lid on top of it. People say that it was placed there to prevent the spreading of bubonic plague. Still, it remains a fine decorative element.

Another glass type you might find often is the chalice or goblet. A quite ornate piece, the large goblets offer a nice way to sip and taste a beer several times. It is for the slow drinker, associated with Belgian beers, German bock or IPAs. They mostly come in a smaller size as these beers are usually served in smaller portions.

Another slim one in the collection is the one used to serve wheat beers. It is tall with enough space for foam to admire the true colors of the beer. It usually has spiral markings on the mug to help you have a nice grip on it. This can be useful when drinking cold beer in the summer and mist forms on the mug.

Pub crawling in Budapest offers you the chance to try all of these mugs. Join us for a one of a time Budapest pub crawl and have an excellent adventure!

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