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Getting cheap flights to Budapest

Getting cheap flights to Budapest

Before getting on a thrilling pub crawl in Budapest, it is strongly encouraged to look for cheap flights to the city. You can save a lot of euros on it and that will mean more beers for you once in town. Let us give you a few tips before you start.

Like all European cities, Budapest is well-connected to the nearby capitals with frequent daily flights. The city’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport has two terminals right next to each other, regular buses, shuttles will take you to the city center or the closest underground station. Taxis are also available if you don’t mind spending 20 euros on a ride to town. However, it is recommended to use public transport since it is cheap and reliable.

The best way to begin searching for cheap flights is via main airfare search engines. Sometimes a connecting flight with a little layover can be cheaper than a direct one, if you don’t mind a longer journey. Mostly you will get national airlines flying these shifts with a decent baggage allowance included in the price.

Of course, the most frequently used option for pub crawling trips are low-cost airlines, which fly from almost all parts of Europe now. Companies like Wizzair, Ryanair or German Wings will take you to Budapest in no time and their costs are very low. Think of getting your tickets in advance since the cheapest ones sell out first. Baggage surcharges are usually moderate, but sometimes they might exceed the ticket price itself, since sales trigger significant price drops. Special prices and sales happen quite often so make sure to check back for a better deal.

Since Budapest has a booming tourist industry, prices may vary significantly over the course of the year. Around Christmas time, New Year’s Eve and Easter prices go up significantly, so think twice before booking. The main tourist season starts in April and ends around October but in general, Budapest in now an all-year round destination. Airfares are adjusted accordingly.

Getting a ticket for Budapest is easier than you think. Just make sure to book a bar tour with us and have a blast!


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