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The Rules of the Budapest Party District

The Rules of the Budapest Party District

Budapest is one of the top go-to destinations for party lovers not just in Europe, but from all across the globe. The city has successfully emerged and defined itself as a tourist friendly place, but the price of this increased attention is friction between the local population, and the newcomers, both of which just want to have one thing: enjoy the city. Here’s a quick guide on how you, as a tourist, will avoid stepping on those local toes!

The first rule of the party district is, just try to keep it down. We know, now we sound like some old school grannies, but hear us out. What makes the party district unique is the fact that it is an actual part of the city, where people do live. This is what creates all the unique vibe, where all the energy comes from. If you drive the locals out, what remains is a soulless shell of a city. We don’t want that, do we? So, just try to keep it down, at least try!

Yes, the city is for all, but contrary to popular disbelief, the city is not for all to urinate. We get it, after a few pints you will have to go. Please do this inside one of the local establishments, and keep the streets relatively clean. Don’t get us wrong, we are not building a sterile utopia here, a little character and rundown feeling is definitely needed, but just try to behave like you are in your own backyard! If you do urinate in your own backyard, just ignore this paragraph.

Finally, try and be nice to locals! As discussed, they are the bread and butter of the party district. And yes, they might yell at you for being a loud and obnoxious tourist – and you are welcome to! Also, fair enough, we have all been there –, but at the end of the day, try and remember, the city is welcoming all kinds of people, so be kind and reciprocate this warmth!

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