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Activities that Beer Significantly Improves

Activities that Beer Significantly Improves


We all know that feeling after a long day: we arrive home, take a shower and kick back with a nice, cold, tasty beer. Or two. Unwinding and beer drinking are a great combination -  but you’d probably never think of some of the activities we’ve found that goes perfectly well with beer drinking!


Interesting, huh? There’s a study by German researchers – a German study about beer drinking, we’re not even surprised though -  where they followed more than 200 participants for a couple of weeks, including the Munich Marathon. They were separated in two groups, one group had 1,5 liters of non-alcoholic wheat beer every day, while the other half of the participants had placebo drink that looked, smelled and tasted like beer. The results showed that the real beer drinkers experienced fewer illnesses and infections after running the Marathon than the abstainers. But that’s basically goes for every other sport, because if you drink beer responsibly it works as a perfect post-workout recovery drink because of all its nutrients. There are groups that went a bit more far than this – for example, have you ever heard of beer yoga?


Let’s go outside! Hiking is another wonderful opportunity to relax after a long week, and we don’t see any reasons not to connect it with beer. Get away from the noisy city and enjoy your ice cold beer of choice with a special view! Exploring beautiful trails with tasty craft beers is getting more and more popular around the world. If you’re visiting Budapest, don’t miss your chance, you can find both delish Hungarian crafted beers and picturesque scenery around the city. Tip: try a trip to János-hegy (János Hill), which is the highest point of Budapest with its 528 meters height, and see the whole city from the Elizabeth Lookout Tower!


Do you know that little excitement when you first arrive to a city you’ve never been before? That’s something like being a little buzzed, thus exploring a new city and enjoying the sights with a cold one is absolutely a match made in heaven. And of course, there are pub crawl tours in Budapest too where you can do the exact same thing with an awesome company - and maybe not just one beer!    

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