Pubcrawl Budapest


Are you looking to spend your New Year’s Eve in Budapest?

Pubcrawl Budapest has you covered! Our special New Year’s Pub Crawl is a great hit every year, with over 200 crawlers attending in every year.. Join us for an awesome night and crawl your way to the New Year! Our local guides will make sure you get to see the most exciting parts of Budapest’s nightlife and must-visit ruin pubs. The crawl ends at a popular downtown club where you’ll get to party all the way until dawn. Join us!

Our crawl starts at 20:00 in front of the Fogasház ruin pub, from where you’ll embark on an epic adventure through the night with unlimited free drinks at your first stop! Don’t be late!

New Year's Eve Pub Crawl Details New Year's Eve Pub Crawl Details

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