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Unusual Sightseeing Activities

Unusual Sightseeing Activities

One of the greatest assets of Budapest as a city is its amazing number of beutiful and historic sights. Exploring a huge metropolis with all these interesting and significant places is understandably a great selling point for any capital, but with the intricate nature of Budapest’s layout – after all we have bridges, hills, islands and everything in between – it is difficult to find the right way to do our exploration! This is a pub crawl infused guide to help you with this challenge!


Guided tours are a great place to start, and if you are not a fan of walking, hop on hop off buses can be a great asset for your exploration. Budapest is a city with a solid road network, and these tours take a good job of showing the most important sights from the distance of a bus seat. Hop on hop off tours are also a good idea for bad weather days, when rain and snow can demoralize the most avid walking enthusiasts.


If you are interested in historic walking tours, there are numerous services out there to help you learn about the exciting stories of Budapest. Segways, electric strolleres and scooters are also becoming a thing, as well as renting one of the ride-sharing bikes of the city, called the Mol Bubi. However, if you are a fan of doing something exciting while on your exploration, your only way forward is taking part in a pub crawl.


Pub crawls are one of the best ways to meet one of Budapest most beloved side – its nightlife! Remember, we are talking about the home of the world famous ruin pubs (run down, stylish bars with a lot of heart). A good pub crawl will help you guide to the best bars, as well as give a hand with meeting like minded party-positive foreigners. Lucky for you, we might know of a service, where the good people can help you out!


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