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Transportation tips for Budapest

Transportation tips for Budapest

Budapest is a great city - literally. It is separated by the great river Danube, which results two independent parts of the city: Pest and Buda. With all the districts and small streets,  it is easy to get lost during a bar tour. Lucky for you, we are here to introduce you to all of the transportation options available! So, shall we start?

Taxis are everywhere, and it is probably the most convenient way of transportation - but surely the most expensive one. Über is out of question, in the recent years, they have been banned from the country. Sadly, taxis do love making money from tourists, so here is what you should keep in mind: Within the city you should be able to get from one point to the other for a maximum of 3.000 HUF or 10 EUR, of course depending on traffic.

The Hungarian public transportation maybe a bit shabby at times, but it is well planned and the network is well built: everything can be easily reached.The so-called night buses may take a bit longer to come, but they are always on time and take you safely to your location, even at 4 in the morning. Most of the buses and some trams travel by night, but metros are off from approximately midnight. Google Maps is a great way to plan your ride, but you should always check the provider’s official site to make sure. We recommend you getting daily, or weekly passes to easily navigate through the city, plus financially it is more worth it. Sadly, if you are going to travel great distances while pubcrawling - it can be out of question, or you have to follow a strict schedule.

To be honest, riding a bike can be a bit challenging at times. Biking culture is still to be accepted in this country. We are making progress in this case, but unfortunately not all roads are not fit and built to simultaneously handle car and bicycle traffic, so some places you will have to pedal between and beside vehicles which can be dangerous. Rentals are hard to get by, but there’s a service called BUBI by public transportation center. To get all the details, check out their official site.

And remember, get your party pants on, it’s time to have fun!

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