Pubcrawl Budapest


Pub Crawl Budapest Presents: Top Cultural Activities

Pub Crawl Budapest Presents: Top Cultural Activities

Budapest is not just a city where people come to party! Granted, the city does perform miraculously well when it comes to pub crawls, but with its rich cultural and historical background, Budapest does have a lot more to offer! Budapest is a city for all, regardless of interests and hobbies, and in this article, we’ll showcase a few cultural activities, as presented by Pub Crawl Budapest!

If you like music, going on a concert here in Budapest is a must. You can always try to popular musical venues of A38, which is a floating (!) concert hall, or maybe even head out and enjoy an open-air party over at the Budapest Park. Pub crawls and music are not mutually exclusive, in fact, we feel that they complement each other quite nicely!

History is one of the strongest sides of Budapest. And as such, taking your time and immersing yourself into its colorful, yet often tragic past, is a great way to learn more about the city and the people who live here. Hop on Hop off Budapest has great guided tours, as well as a comprehensive tour bus that features the most important sights of the city. Highly recommended!

And after all, since this is a pub crawl service that we have here, you should maybe dive deeper into the drinking culture of the city too. Pub crawls are great fun, but if you like Hungarian beer and need yet another pretense to go have a soothing cold one, check out beer bikes! It is probably the most stylish and fun sightseeing activity in the city, and it will also give a greater understanding into the all-in nature of the Hungarian party culture!

As for the night, remember, pub crawl Budapest is always there for you, ready to offer an unforgattble party expereince - every night of the year! How awesome is that!

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