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How to Interact with the Bartender in Hungary?

How to Interact with the Bartender in Hungary?

There’s no way to have a great night out than will a pub tour, and there’s no better place for that than the exciting and alluring city of Budapest, with its generous selection of eclectic pubs and buzzing bars, local and interesting beers, wines and spirits, as well as friendly, fun-loving, gorgeous people. But for the pub crawler uninitiated in Hungarian customs and culture, it may be wise to tread the path carefully on your adventurous night. The best pub crawl will take you to bars that are lively and buzzing, which can put a strain on communication with locals. Here are a few things to remember when talking to service staff on that Budapestian blitzkrieg.

Be clear. You’re a long way from Kansas, Dorothy, and the bar staff won’t be able to understand you quite as easily as they can in your local, especially in a crowded bar or noisy club. So remember to be concise in your choice of words, be direct and don’t mumble!

Make eye contact. Always a winner when it comes to attracting the attention of a bartender. Being pushy or impatient won’t win you any favours, but a calm, steady gaze shows that you’re still there, and you’re ready to be served when the time is right. Those that play it cool, get lucky!

Be respectful. Hungarians are proud people, and politeness and manners can be seen as a sign of respect, just as forgetting your ‘p’s and ‘q’s may be taken as rudeness. Tipsiness is no excuse for impoliteness, so don’t give someone the chance to stereotype your country’s people as disrespectful from a moment of forgetting your manners.

Smile! Some language is international and universal. Everyone appreciates some visual friendliness, so don’t be afraid to show the Hungarians how much you appreciate their fascinating and beautiful country. The bar staff in Budapest are usually friendly and vivacious people, and you never know where a shared smile and conversation might lead!

If you can remember these simple rules and only drink as much as you can handle, then your nights in Budapest will surely be ones to remember. Be friendly with the Hungarians you meet, and you will find a country of kind and generous souls who welcome outsiders.

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