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Dress for the Winter!

Dress for the Winter!

There’s something about the warm weather of the summer that lends itself to nights of party craziness, unforgettable experiences, and mornings of “oh my god! Did I really do that?” Then again, very much the same things seem to also happen in the winter, except that it’s a lot colder. With Christmas and New Year, as well as just about any other event worthy of a celebration, the festivities and frivolities continue throughout the winter months because… well, we all need to enjoy life with a good party!

There are just a few things about winter partying that shouldn’t be forgotten, though they are, of course, easily forgotten in the midst of a Christmas party packed with mulled wine, minced pies and mistletoe.

Wrap up warm! Even if the weather seems slightly milder when you leave the house, the temperatures often drop in the night so be sure to take a hat and some gloves with you. While alcohol makes you feel warmer because your blood vessels dilate, this is not actually the case and the delusion can be dangerous and bring on hypothermia. So don’t let yourself be fooled and think yourself invincible after one too many red bull and cokes! It could lead to not the most pleasant of consequences.

Be extra careful if you’re in a place away from home with a different climate, and don’t forget to prepare for those cooler climates which might just creep up on you unexpectedly. With its continental weather systems, Hungary can expect some especially cold winters, so a few extra layers are usually called for on those chilly winter nights. Perhaps even see it as a chance to rock some of that cold weather chic that Budapestians dress up to with such style and elegance. A furry Russian hat and pom-pom (it doesn’t have to be real fur!), a hipster trench coat with a military look, or some knee-high boots with thermal lining will all keep you cosy and warm while getting you noticed about town at the same time.

With all this in mind, a night on the Budapest pubcrawl is always an incredible experience for those responsible drinkers, so don’t let the winter chills put you off. Budapest is a fantastic city to visit, and a pub tour is one of the best ways to do it.

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