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Best Street Food Around Fogas

Best Street Food Around Fogas


Hungry for an authentic street food experience? Look no further, Budapest has it all. The party central of the city is the newly refurbished Fogasház, where our amazing bar tours will take you. When you need a little extra energy, taste the savory dishes the city has to offer in the nearby streets. You can find our top picks below!

When you want to eat meat, you want to make it good. The people in the Balkans really know how to prepare a sausage or a nice grill, so look for Pola Pola right at Klauzál square. The place opened up a few years ago and it has already attracted a large number of regular guests. Greasy cevapcica, meat balls and sausages wait you here accompanied by fresh bread and salads. These foods can come quite handy when you need to treat the alcohol in your body since grease can absorb it quite well. Also, you won’t have a lot of chances to try out these foods on their own, so embark on a culinary trip to the Balkans at Pola Pola!

Fans of the perfect burgers, we present you W35 craft burger factory! Budapest pub crawls often pass by this amazing little food stop, since it has one of the best burgers in town. Juicy meat with custom made sauces, fresh veggies and large sesame buns make the selection perfect. The joint is in an expansion phase thanks to its immense popularity, so you might find them on other locations in town. Whenever you’re near one, just venture inside and order from their rich selection. You won’t regret it!

Another good choice if you want to pamper your taste buds is the Töltő craft hot dog restaurant in Wesselényi Street. The guys here had the idea to reinvent hot dogs with traditional Hungarian sausages and new spices. They’ve done experimenting and the results are simply mind-blowing. They also added new sauces to accompany the meat and give you a one of a kind food experience. To prevent a hangover for your pubcrawl experience, head here and fill your stomach!

If you want to discover the best of Budapest, try our bar tours and see the new party capital of Europe for yourself. Click our page to find out more!

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